Author's Policies

Author's archiving and Re-use guidelines

Author policies describe the archiving and re-use guidelines of authors. such policies remove much of the ambiguity surrounding contributions. These guidelines should be followed by authors of contributions published in a FP subscription journal, including authors whose contributions were published under a previous version of the author guidelines. For a list of exceptions to these guidelines, please see below.

Three versions of the Contribution are referenced in these guidelines:

Original Submission: the version submitted by the author before peer review.

Accepted Manuscript: version updated to include the author’s revisions after peer review, prior to any typesetting for the journal. This is often the version accepted by the editor.

Final Published PDF: copy-edited and typeset Publisher’s PDF, the same version published on the journal’s website.

Green Open Access : FP’s Archiving and Sharing Policy

FP is a no-embargo green open access publisher. We accept submissions of work that is available on open archives in preprint form. We allow authors to deposit the last version of their manuscript after peer review. However, we do ask authors that upon publication they add a DOI link to the preprint archive’s version, directing prospective readers to the published article on the journal’s web site. The refereed, copyedited and published version of the article is, after all, the final “version of record.”

Delayed Public Access

All articles published by FP become free to access and read after ten years past publication. All journals are immediately free to read, without any author changes.

Author’s Distribution of Published Version

Upon publication, we send all authors a PDF file of their published article (in fact, two files: one for printing and one optimized for on-screen reading). This file is for the author’s own use. We ask authors not to place the PDF file on their home page or open archives. Instead, they should divulge the DOI link to the journal’s copy. We ask authors to remember that, if they were to make a practice of posting the PDF file, there would be no incentive for anyone to subscribe, and the journal could not survive.

Exceptionally, if a prospective reader has no way to download the article from the journal’s web site (that is, if their institution does not subscribe and they cannot afford to buy the article), authors can send them the PDF file.

Author’s Institutional Repositories

Many institutions now require or encourage their researchers to deposit published articles in their institutional repositories. FP cooperates with this requirement by sending authors or librarians, upon demand, a version of the published file suitable for the purpose. We request that you use the final published version and not a preprint or postprint version, which are not considered definitive.

Author’s Retaining Copyrights

We offer all our authors the option to retain the copyright of their work. However, we must at least retain an exclusive license for the commercial distribution of the work. Further, we strongly recommend that authors provide a full transfer of copyright to FP. This allows us to protect the work against unauthorized use, but also widely disseminate it by all means available, as we’ll remain easy to find and will readily be offering permission to third parties to republish the work in other media or collections.

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