What we doing as research consultant ?

Apart from journal publishing and organizing international conferences we offer more services in research writting for phd students and research scholars, researcher,fulfill the requirement of expert for keynote speaker in conferences and workshop. We are not liminting here and provide specialised and targeted research solutions to client on their requirement and produce a final analysis of key findings.

What is Research Consultants?

Research consultants conduct specialised and targeted research on behalf of a client and produce a final analysis of key findings. They are normally experts in a particular field, sometimes scientific, who can provide reports in areas the company's full-time staff cannot.

About research consultants team

At FOREX Press, research consulting come from a variety of backgrounds, allowing us to offer a broad spectrum of services to our clients. In addition, we have a wide network of associates who can contribute specialist expertise when required.

What we do?

Finding common ground between academia, government and the private and third sectors lies at the heart of what we do. We help organisations implement the right systems and processes to enable excellent research, and work globally to shape improvements to scholarly communications, ensuring research outputs can be shared more effectively. We work to pinpoint the impact arising from research, helping our clients develop and maintain world-leading and internationally excellent reputations across academic disciplines. We help universities identify and realise knowledge exchange and commercialisation opportunities, and advise businesses and not-for-profits on how to harness academic expertise.

Research Management: The challenges of managing research are substantial and growing, yet few third-party service providers truly understand research management, effective dissemination and commercialisation. We’re different.

FOREX Press as research consultancy delivers focused services to help universities and research-active organisations manage their processes and outputs more effectively. We have extensive experience working with research-intensive organisations, and we can bring to bear a range of approaches to more clearly understand our clients’ practices and priorities.

Exchange of knowledge & commercialisation: We are focuses on enabling knowledge exchange, demonstrating impact and supporting commercialisation. We help streamline interactions between research organisations, government, business and not-for-profits, identifying what works and promulgating good practice.

How we can help?

To become a top research consultant, you must have a strong level of expertise in your field. For a scientific role, having a masters degree in a related subject to the role is often necessary. The firm is looking to build and maintain expertise which enables large corporations and governments to trust them with important research.

A scientific, tech or statistical background is likely to help, as many of the roles suit people with these degrees. Firms look for good analytical and presentation skills, as you’ll be required to concisely and clearly communicate your findings to clients. Having a good understanding of statistics and data collection will also give you the upper hand.

How can be part of our consultancy team?

If you have registered as resarch consultant and have the required profile, the FOREX Press consultancy will contact you in due course to let you know whether you have been selected. This depends on whether there are any proposals to be evaluated or projects to be monitored requiring your particular expertise.

Research Expert: To provide technical solution for students, scientist or research scholars. It will be paid service depending on the amount of time and difiiculty involved.

Keynote Speaker: It gives you the opportunity to be called by institutions for various academic events. It will be a paid service and all the payments will be done by organising institute.

Research writter: To provide complete research work to students in need of help. It will be a paid service. We will provide you details of topic and research and amount of work required paper writting, research work (simulation and fabrication) , thesis writting and you will be paid accordingly.

How much will you earn?

Depending on the role , research work and location. However, as you become more specialised your potential earnings can significantly increase. Plus, you have the opportunity to really drill down into an area of research which really interests you.

Join as research consultant and work as brand promoter of FOREX Press.

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